Am I porn?(note: this is not a blog on porn)


I’m very new to the world of blogging(Almost at the 7 day mark, Wooooooooo me!!!!) but even in my limited experience I noticed that I was weirdly popular yesterday. Almost 500 views in over 10 countries within the span of a couple of hours. Either someone, several someone’s have a very dark and specific fetish involving sleeping fairy’s(That’s the internet for you!) OR, They think I’m the next famous internet cat.(For funny animal moments do check out dogs having baths. Laugh out loud funny!)

Either way, they must have been anticipating something other than me, unless(unlikely) I’m just that amazing and don’t know it.(Please say that’s it, Please say that’s it….

But what my mysterious popularity yesterday made me think about is anticipation. Specifically, why is wanting things so,so, soooooooo much better than actually having them???

With Christmas coming swiftly closer; you may have all ready finished your Christmas shopping, not even started, or you might be like me, at the half way point due to a series of an increasing number of impulse buys.

At this moment in time, the Michael Buble C.D is on and I’m filled to the brim with childlike wonder and Christmas cheer but as with all things in life(the cake you shouldn’t have, the boy you really like, the shoes you’ve been saving up for or the holiday you’ve waited months for) I can’t help but feel the slow build up, the anticipation is so much better than the actual thing itself(sorry boys!). Not that I don’t enjoy them or I don’t enjoy Christmas, simply that when it eventually happens, having looked forward to it so much, I can’t help but feel is this it????? I imagined it(not different) but so much more!

The deluge of Christmas adverts and must have Christmas buys are a perfect way to explain my thoughts. I love watching them, reading them and picking all the things I want from them. But I do it with the full knowledge that I will never ever buy them.

I am a compulsive Window Shopper/ Impulse buyer(not the body spray obvs) and I am not ashamed!!!

If I think about doing it, I will never do it. Hence why I have no socks, I’ve been meaning to buy them for months…maybe next week. It’s also why I’m the proud owner of a Diana Ross shaped dish scrubber.

It’s for this reason the only think on my Christmas list this year is a grow it yourself Christmas tree. 18 months to 2 years of gleeful Christmassey anticipation and a handy hobby in one £3.99 packet of seeds and a pot. Since the anticipation is the best bit, This Christmas I’m going to start the anticipaion of Christmas 2 years from now very very early. It’ll keep me happy, and isn’t that the most important thing????

The fun is in the build up, not in the having!

Agree? Disagree? Think I’m a total crackpot and should really see someone? let know!

If you have any impulse buys you really shouldn’t have, any stories of greatly anticipated events that didn’t live up too(or even did) live up to your deep and commited fantasies of what you thought they were going to be, I want to know!

Comment below or on twitter and until next time,






The Cliff Game

I’ve just fallen off a cliff.

A really really high cliff. It’s crumbly, home to a few seagulls and is generic cliff colour.

At the bottom of the cliff are jagged spikes of rock; sharp and pointy and looking menacingly up at me(In the Cliff Game, spikes have eyes). It’s all to be okay though, I’ve got a good grip at the edge of the cliff, I can wait to be rescued.

Suddenly a witch with a Birkin appears. She wants to play a game. A game of thrones  A game of handbags. Choose wrongly and I die. She magics the spikes into three separate handbags. Which Bag do I choose???

a) Michael Kors Selma Bag


b) The Mulberry Lily


c) Kate Spade, Claremont Drive Marcella


OR do I go for option d) Refuse to play the witches game, and use the Tesco carrier bag floating past as a parachute.


The Winning Bag, Not only receives the coveted title, Victor of the HungerGames  Cliff Games. They also get the Pride of knowing that they were voted as better than the other contenders. Aaaaaaand in Gratitude for saving me from the witch, will be the bag I buy/don’t buy(carrier bags are free)

Vote A,B,C,D below or on Twitter,

The Victor will be decided in 48 hours. May the odds be ever in your favor.

“You were the wind beneath my WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGS”(SOB) -RIP Lucky shoes



(In tribute to the lucky shoes please listen to the above music while reading)

They were there on my first day of university. They were there on my first “grown up” university day. They were there for every assignment hand in, graduation, both for the interview and for the first day of my new job. Every Christmas and Birthday and birthday they were worn for three years. It may be time to say goodbye, but you will never be forgotten.

Maybe I should have taken you to the Cobbler more…Maybe If I’d worn you to nicer places we wouldn’t be where we are now…

If I could have a shoe funeral and not seem like a crazy person I would do it. I know it seems silly to be upset about a pair of shoes. They are, after all just(sacrilege) shoes. But they were special, my lucky shoes. Worn on every important(and lots of not so important) occasions. The shoes that I put on and they made me happy. They weren’t to everyone’s taste. They’ve been called both Peter Pan Shoes and Pantomime shoes by people that just don’t know any better. But when I saw them in the Marks and Spencer sale 3 and a half years ago, I knew they were for me.

Gone but not forgotten. Rest In Peace Lucky Shoes.

(Not everyone can understand the importance of a lucky something, be it a sock, a towel or a penguin(who am I to judge) let me know about it in the comments section below or on Twitter. I need to know that Luckiness still exists in the world!)



Is “Blacking up” always racist??? I don’t think so.

The Oxford Dictionary defines racism as 
  • the belief that all members of each race possess characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races:
  •  prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior
And it’s a definition I agree with. But it’s in the use of this definition that I fail to understand why “blacking up” is such a racist act.
Maybe I’m wrong, Maybe it is. But I don’t see it; is it my age? Some people lived through the civil rights movement, they remember for lack of a better “real” racism, that is segregation, discrimination and violence because of their skin colour. Some people had to live through slowly changing attitudes and having to endure it 
But to me these experiences, the things people had to struggle through are so far beyond what I know and have experienced that they don’t seem real. For me, it’s History. Fascinating, horrible but distant. Like, how Ancient Athenians when capturing a City would kill all the men and make slaves of women and children. 
In the same way I notice someone’s eye colour, or their hair colour, I notice their skin. I see it, but it has absolutely no impact on how I view a person. It’s just there. And it’s because of this that I struggle to understand why “blacking up”, “ethnic-ing? it up”(Is that even a word) is met with such aggressive condemnation.
I understand that once(long before I was born) white actors “blacked up”, “browned up”, “all of the above up’ed” to portray a derogatory racial stereotype. However, I also feel that just as just as attitudes towards different ethnicities have changed, so to have the motivations behind why people “black up”. 
It seems to me, that the  desire to perceive offence prevails over the attempt to reflect on racial matters. It goes unmentioned that sometimes “blacking up” can have no racist intent, even if people are determined to detect it.
As long as racial portrayals don’t aim to perpetuate ethnic stereotypes. If people dress up as a person or a character, and in the pursuit of honest and factual imitation do change their skin colour, provided that they are not portraying a generic faceless stereotype; I see no reason why people shouldn’t paint themselves brown, white, black, or blue with yellow polka dots. I see no difference between someone dressing up as Paris Hilton, ( fake tan, throw on a blonde wig and pop in some blue contact lenses) Julianne Hough’s infamous Halloween costume and the four York Students who dressed up a the characters from Cool Runnings.
After all, Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
But how does everyone else feel? Let me know via the comments section or by twitter

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SOS??? More like SSS, Skin Saving Secret(Sudocrem!)



OH MY GOD!!! Is that my face????

Everybody’s been there, thought it, cried about it! You wake up one morning perfectly fine, go about your day. And then you see your reflection, and DIE!!! That enormous red spot! with its three spot friends. The Dry skin. Forget a mask for Halloween, your face will send people running, children crying, the works!!!


The solution: Sudocrem!!!


Yes, a nappy rash cream!

But babies are onto something. Let’s face it, when it comes to skin perfection Toddlers can NOT be beaten. Whether it’s wily parents or the fact that babies are just discerning shoppers(I vote the latter); Smear it on to your face on a night(see below), don’t rub it in, let it soak and in the morning you’ll wake up flawless!!!!


And for £2.55 a tub, there’s really no excuse not to buy it. Find it at any Supermarket, or buy online at

 You’ll thank me for it!

 Sudocrem is one miracle face fixer that I can and will wear with pride!


Have your own secret beauty miracle worker? From the weird to the wonderful share it below!!!!

Sudocrem at work(Spoooooooooooooky)

Sudocrem at work(Spoooooooooooooky)

Hello Morticia Adams!

Crying for No reason

From the forthcoming album, this little number has number 1 written all over it.

Crying for no reason (Sorry Katy B, but I have a reason)


Dangly, Sparkly and Jangling so beautifully from the pages of a magazine. The Models so elegant, so sultry. I NEED them. Big Earrings are irresistible. Featured on the Winter Catwalks of Dolce and Gabbana, Balmain and Ralph Lauren. It’s a trend that’s trickled down to the high street and Fast!!!

But this is one trend that I will most definitely not be participating in. 

 I know Pain is Beauty, You have to suffer to look Good Blah Blah Blah. But I refuse! Because unless you want to look like this:      (Who am I to judge???)


wear something smaller and lighter (though just as Sparkly. Go Swarovski or Go home!) and your earlobes will not only thank me the day after, but 10 years from now , when they aren’t  level with your chin you’ll look back to this moment and be very grateful