SOS??? More like SSS, Skin Saving Secret(Sudocrem!)



OH MY GOD!!! Is that my face????

Everybody’s been there, thought it, cried about it! You wake up one morning perfectly fine, go about your day. And then you see your reflection, and DIE!!! That enormous red spot! with its three spot friends. The Dry skin. Forget a mask for Halloween, your face will send people running, children crying, the works!!!


The solution: Sudocrem!!!


Yes, a nappy rash cream!

But babies are onto something. Let’s face it, when it comes to skin perfection Toddlers can NOT be beaten. Whether it’s wily parents or the fact that babies are just discerning shoppers(I vote the latter); Smear it on to your face on a night(see below), don’t rub it in, let it soak and in the morning you’ll wake up flawless!!!!


And for £2.55 a tub, there’s really no excuse not to buy it. Find it at any Supermarket, or buy online at

 You’ll thank me for it!

 Sudocrem is one miracle face fixer that I can and will wear with pride!


Have your own secret beauty miracle worker? From the weird to the wonderful share it below!!!!


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