The Cliff Game

I’ve just fallen off a cliff.

A really really high cliff. It’s crumbly, home to a few seagulls and is generic cliff colour.

At the bottom of the cliff are jagged spikes of rock; sharp and pointy and looking menacingly up at me(In the Cliff Game, spikes have eyes). It’s all to be okay though, I’ve got a good grip at the edge of the cliff, I can wait to be rescued.

Suddenly a witch with a Birkin appears. She wants to play a game. A game of thrones  A game of handbags. Choose wrongly and I die. She magics the spikes into three separate handbags. Which Bag do I choose???

a) Michael Kors Selma Bag


b) The Mulberry Lily


c) Kate Spade, Claremont Drive Marcella


OR do I go for option d) Refuse to play the witches game, and use the Tesco carrier bag floating past as a parachute.


The Winning Bag, Not only receives the coveted title, Victor of the HungerGames  Cliff Games. They also get the Pride of knowing that they were voted as better than the other contenders. Aaaaaaand in Gratitude for saving me from the witch, will be the bag I buy/don’t buy(carrier bags are free)

Vote A,B,C,D below or on Twitter,

The Victor will be decided in 48 hours. May the odds be ever in your favor.


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