Transfer Deadline: To dump or not to dump, that is the question

It seems to be a universally acknowledged rule, that relationships can not end in the run up to Christmas, or immediately afterwards. To do so is to be branded a cruel heartless monster of a human being!

But at what specific time does the transfer deadline come into effect??? By what date do you have to dump or live with your relationship until January???

The 5th? The 6th? Any later and you risk ruining Christmas for someone(It’s the most magical time of year, it can’t be messed with!)

But, if you can’t break up with someone until January(it has to carry on through the new year)does that not a little bit ruin Christmas for the dumper, they might not have hurt their soon to be exes feelings, but what they are doing is suffering through the longest month of their life in a doomed relationship.

And what about New Years resolutions? If it’s to break up with someone does that take precedence over transfer restrictions? Or do you have to wait until after the Christmas period is over? The 15th? If you leave it too late do you have to hang in another month until after Valentines day??? Arrrrrgh!!! Why are they so many holidays where it’s unspeakably cruel to dump someone!!!!

But needs must. Just as putting up a Christmas tree, buying an advent calendar is a Christmas tradition, so too should Transfer deadline be a part of Christmas tradition(Amazing idea!! It can be on the inside window on the 6th for Advent calendars so no one forgets ever!)

If you want to break up with someone either do it soon or don’t do it all! And if you don’t comfort yourself with the knowledge that at least you’re guaranteed a Christmas present!

Until next time,



P.S. Should we honour transfer deadline day in someway? An extra special meal, an extra special outfit? I vote black tie! It’s not everyday you break up with someone, nor is it everyday you can wear a ballgown or a tux!


One response to “Transfer Deadline: To dump or not to dump, that is the question

  1. I love this post 🙂 A humorous look at something most of us have gone through at some point, either as the dumper or the dumpee. It’s a really good question and I suppose the answer is that there is really no good time to dump someone, in most cases at least. If it’s going to hurt, it’s going to hurt. And in retrospect, the dumpee might feel even worse having been fooled into thinking everything was OK until… let’s go with January 25th. If there is a rule, it should be – Don’t break up with someone on their birthday!

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