Back off B**ch!! Sharing Platter doesn’t mean I’m sharing!



Most people in the world are good, honest and probably respectable. But there are some among you; you walk like us, you talk like us but you are not us. The lowest of the low…



We all know one. We all know more than one, THEY MUST BE STOPPED!

They come in different forms,

The sneaky “I’ll just have a coffee people.” They sit there and just help themselves to your meal!! WTF?!?! You had the option of having your own and you turned it  down. Stop using me as a free meal!!!

The “can I have a bite of yours? it looks so good people” who when you agree because you feel mean saying no, load up their fork with as much as they possible can. When I said you could have a bite, I meant a human sized one, not Godzilla!!!

The “oh we’ll just share people”. Really? It’s news to me!! So why on earth are you telling the waiter to bring two forks?? I want the whole cake, not the parts I have to fork duel you for!!!

And the worst, the absolute Scum on the bottom of a shoe; the “are you going to finish that? people.” Yes. Yes I bloody well am…Wait, what? Why have you stolen my plate?…Oh you’re giving it back…And you’ve even licked it clean of crumbs…Thanks.


I’m taking a stand! I don’t care if it’s something I hate, I don’t care if it’s over cooked, undercooked or fucking on fire! I’m going to choke it down if I have to because IT IS MINE!!!! Stop Trying to steal from me! You wouldn’t break into my house and steal my stuff, so why??/ Why do you have no problem stealing what I’m literally about to put in my mouth??? 

Take this as a warning World, if anyone and I mean anyone tries to eat MY meal you really won’t like what will happen next. 

Don’t know how to tell a food stealer to stop stealing? Direct them to this post! Facebook it! Tweet about it! Write it in the sky if you have to! The world is changing and it has no place for sneaky little food stealers!!!!



If you’ve found a creative way of dealing with the Food Stealers tell me the story. They deserve to be punished.


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