One Direction to No Direction? Oh Please.


Two members of one direction have been caught smoking weed. Children everywhere are going to experience depression/a 7% drop in their IQ because of Zayn Malik and Louis Thomlinson. An entire generation is ruined, RUUUUUUINED!!!!


I know this to be true, because I saw it on(Insert Jeremy Clarkson Voice) The News. 0_0


Two twenty year old boys smoke a small amount of marijuana in a country where it is LEGAL for them to do so and they’ve betrayed(and RUUUUUINED; we mustn’t forget that) a generation of children. The world will never be the same. Ever. It’s a fact!

Can you say over reaction??

I get the objections. I’m not stupid, I do. Drugs are very very very bad we must never ever do them. 

But seriously, do people have no common sense?

Unless free Weed becomes a staple at every one direction concert in the future I’m pretty sure children will not be affected

Irate parents outside their Sunderland gig tonight say: ‘I could kill them’



The above scenario(As depicted amazingly by me) will not happen because you’re children watched two twenty some things being a bit stupid.Which is in fact very normal.

“But they betrayed us!”

Drugs charity says pair have ‘blown opportunity’ to be good role models’

I present Exhibit A. –  Barack Obama

 ‘When I was a kid, I inhaled frequently. That was the point’

 Correct me If I’m wrong but I can’t help but think that ‘President of the United States’ is still a pretty good role model to have.


In response to the news, several fans have posted pictures on twitter of themselves destroying tickets. Because this will punish Zayne and Louis(and the other members of one direction). Obviously.

Now I may not be the brightest bulb in the box but I’m pretty sure that tearing up your PRE-paid ticket won’t affect one direction at all.THEY ALL READY HAVE YOUR MONEY. If you destroy the ticket how are you going to get your money back?? If you can’t refund the ticket, put it on Ebay. At least that way you can comfort yourself with the knowledge that you’ve got your money back. Have these people no common sense?? If they don’t get they’re money back do they not realise that they’re helping to fund the weed habit of Zayne and Louis. That thing that they’re so against.


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