“You were the wind beneath my WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGS”(SOB) -RIP Lucky shoes




(In tribute to the lucky shoes please listen to the above music while reading)

They were there on my first day of university. They were there on my first “grown up” university day. They were there for every assignment hand in, graduation, both for the interview and for the first day of my new job. Every Christmas and Birthday and birthday they were worn for three years. It may be time to say goodbye, but you will never be forgotten.

Maybe I should have taken you to the Cobbler more…Maybe If I’d worn you to nicer places we wouldn’t be where we are now…

If I could have a shoe funeral and not seem like a crazy person I would do it. I know it seems silly to be upset about a pair of shoes. They are, after all just(sacrilege) shoes. But they were special, my lucky shoes. Worn on every important(and lots of not so important) occasions. The shoes that I put on and they made me happy. They weren’t to everyone’s taste. They’ve been called both Peter Pan Shoes and Pantomime shoes by people that just don’t know any better. But when I saw them in the Marks and Spencer sale 3 and a half years ago, I knew they were for me.

Gone but not forgotten. Rest In Peace Lucky Shoes.

(Not everyone can understand the importance of a lucky something, be it a sock, a towel or a penguin(who am I to judge) let me know about it in the comments section below or on Twitter. I need to know that Luckiness still exists in the world!)